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Spooky Structures (2021) - September 1-30 -- Voting October 1-22

For this competition participants ages 8-18 are invited to create their most spooky structure in Minecraft creative mode. The build must be on a new flat generated world and created in Bedrock edition. 

One winner will be selected from the 8-12 age bracket and one winner will be selected from the 13-18 age bracket. The following forms have entry guidelines. Paper copies are available at the library.

To read the competition rules click here: Spooky Structures Competition Rules

To register for the competition online click here: Spooky Structures Online Entry Form

To register for the competition by paper click here: Spooky Structures Paper Entry Form

After September 30 photos from each build will be uploaded onto this page for the public to look at and vote on. Photos will also be hung up in the library for those wishing to vote in person.