Adult Spring Softball Leagues

asb.jpgThe La Vista Recreation Department offers a Men’s and Coed Adult Softball League during the Fall and Spring of each year. The league is sanctioned and governed by the Amateur Softball Association. All players must be 18 years old and out of high school.

2020 Spring ASB Information


  • Maximum of 8 teams per league
  • Recreation Class Adult Men’s Leagues: Tuesday, Friday
  • Recreation Class Coed League: Friday
  • Open Class Double Header Men’s League: Thursday

All coed/men’s teams will be scheduled to play 14 games (We will make up as many games as possible, weather and time permitting).

Double Header teams will be scheduled to play 28 games (We will make up as many games as possible, weather and time permitting).

Teams can find schedules, standings, and updates at TeamSideline.  

Registration Details

Registration must be done in person at the La Vista Recreation Department.

  • Registration Fee: $215 for Coed/Men’s Leagues and $420 for Double Header Men’s League
  • Forfeit Fee: Separate $44 check forfeit deposit fee; 2 separate $40 checks for Double Header League (all checks held during season and only deposited if your team forfeits)
  • Umpire Fee: Coed/Men’s has a $22 fee and the Double Header league has a $20 fee per team, per game paid directly to the umpire prior to the game. Note: Payment can be made in cash only.
  • Registration Opens on February 1
  • Registration Deadline is March 24 or until leagues are full
  • Games tentatively start the week of April 6

Teams must submit a team registration form (PDF), entry fee, forfeit deposit, and a Code of Conduct form (signed by coach) at the time of registration. The Team Roster and signatures of all players must be turned in by April 1.

Please contact Denny Dinan at the La Vista Recreation Department with any questions.


We will be using a 12-inch, Core .520 softball, maximum compression of 300.0 lbs or under; optic yellow cover with red color stitching.