Civic Center Park Master Plan

Read the final plan (PDF).

In 2010, the Vision 84 Plan established an image of a revitalized 84th Street corridor. A key part of this vision was the redevelopment of the La Vista Falls Golf Course into a community park that would benefit all La Vista residents and draw visitors from across the metro area.

The mission of this process was to develop a master plan for the La Vista Civic Center Park that builds on community principles to create a space that is ecologically sensitive and treats natural systems as assets, while creating a community destination that attracts investment to adjacent areas. The birth of the Civic Center Park can be an essential catalyst in transforming the image of the 84th Street corridor.

Public input was an essential ingredient to this master plan. A series of working group meetings, public meetings, and council workshops drew input in the planning process. New online tools such as forums, Facebook, and Twitter were utilized in the public input process as well.

The result of the process was a Civic Center Park Master Plan that embodied the vision of the city and its residents. In May 2013, the plan was presented to and approved by the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Planning Commission. The City Council will make a decision on the document’s adoption during its June 18, 2013 meeting.