The City publishes information on a regular basis to residents on upcoming events, programs and special projects. These news updates come in various forms, including:

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  1. NEWS SMALL Pokemon Go Meet-ups

    Summer 2021 Pokemon GO! Meet-Ups

    Pokémon Go players are invited to meet up at the Library and/or the City Hall Campus during the summer. Read on...
  2. NEWS SMALL Makerspace

    Summer 2021 Makerspace

    The La Vista Public Library is hosting a makerspace studio, featuring equipment such as a laser cutter, vinyl cutter, embroidery machine and more! Read on...
  1. NEWS SMALL DIY Summer

    Summer 2021 DIY Summer Adventures

    Join Ms. Jodi from the Library and Mr. David from the Recreation Department for fun, DIY budget-friendly activity ideas. Read on...
  1. NEWS SMALL Grant Presentation - Seniors

    Senior, Teen programs receive grants

    The Senior Center and the teen program at the Library recently received grants funds from Google through the La Vista Community Foundation for the addition of technology to those facilities. Read on...