Ballot Referendums

La Vista Voters Face Two Important Questions this November 

La Vista residents voting in the November 8 General Election will see two questions on the ballot that will significantly impact the City’s future.

Voters will be asked about:

  • Continuing the City’s existing half-cent sales tax for major street improvement projects and other capital expenditures. A half-cent sales tax was first adopted in 1990. Currently, it is set to expire in 2025. Voter approval is needed to continue the tax beyond that point. 
    See how the half-cent tax issue will appear on the ballot.
  • Replacing an existing 1.5% restaurant tax with an amended 2.5% restaurant tax (the same rate as Omaha and Ralston) and removing a $700,000 cap on revenue. Established in 2019, the City’s current restaurant tax is limited by state statute. Voters will be asked to remove the cap, allowing revenue to exceed the statutory limit. 
    See how the restaurant tax issue will appear on the ballot.

Half-Cent Sales Tax Continuation

La Vista voters approved a half-cent sales tax for street improvements in 1990 and voted to renew the tax in 2000 and 2010. Since its inception, the half-cent sales tax has provided more than $35 million for many public infrastructure projects. Revenue from the tax pays for all or a portion of most major street improvement projects in the City and other capital expenditures. Voters will be asked to continue the half-cent sales tax with a 30-year sunset, which would make it effective through 2025.

Restaurant Tax

In 2019, the City established a restaurant tax at the rate of 1.5%, which was expected to generate revenue amounts consistent with the state’s statutory limit of $700,000. After two years of collecting the tax, however, revenues exceeded this amount, collecting $765,323 in FY20 and $993,675 in FY21. The ordinance approved by Council included a planned review following two years of experience.

La Vista voters will be asked to remove the $700,000 limit and continue the restaurant tax at a rate of 2.5% in order to share the cost of funding increased service demands and infrastructure repair and improvements with non-residents. Raising the tax rate by 1% is projected to generate more than $1 million annually or $10.1 million over 10 years.

While residents certainly shop and eat in La Vista, according to market studies, on average, 90% of the business transactions in La Vista involved visitors from outside the City’s limits.

Residents with additional questions about the half-cent sales tax or restaurant tax may contact Mayor Doug Kindig at 402.331.4343 or