Makerspace and Special Equipment

Makerspace Area Policies

  • The makerspace is closed on Sundays.
  • New projects cannot be started during the hour before the library closes. If a customer is already using a machine they must finish what they are working on at least a half hour before close.
  • All equipment requires customers to complete the general safety training.

Laser Cutter

The La Vista Public Library has a Universal Laser Cutter available for public use. The full policy on this machine's usage can be read here: Laser System General Use Policy In general, the following requirements need to be met to use this machine.

To use the laser cutter customers must...

  • Be 16 years of age or older.
  • Complete the required general safety training.
  • Sign the "Laser System Usage" agreement form.
  • Set up a time to use the laser cutter at least 30 min. in advance. To ensure the safety of the customer and the equipment, a staff member will need to be nearby while the laser cutter is in use. We recommend you schedule your time at least the day before.  
  • Using the machine is FREE. However, customers can purchase materials (such as wood, coasters, and glassware) from the library for their projects. 
  • If customers bring in their own materials to cut, they must also bring a tag or receipt showing what the material is made of. Some materials cannot be used in the laser cutter as they will cause damage to the machine, the user, and/or the library. A list of permitted and banned materials can be read here: Approved and Banned Materials

3D Printer

The La Vista Public Library has a Makerbot Replicator + 3D printer available for public use. The full policy on this machine's usage can be read here: 3D Printer General Use Policy In general the following requirements need to be met to use this machine.

To use the 3D printer customers must...

  • Be 16 years old to use the machine unsupervised.
  • Children ages 12-15 may use the machine if supervised by an accompanying adult (not library staff). 
  • Sign the "3D Printer Usage" agreement form.
  • Set up a time to use the 3D printer at least 30 minutes in advance. This helps insure the machine is available and there are enough staff to help if you need assistance.
  • Use only the filament provided by the library. Other brands of filament may ruin the machine.
  • Pay for the filament they use. The cost is 10 cents per gram. Customers must pay for the filament even if the model does not print correctly.
  • Large prints may run overnight if needed and be picked up the next day.

Special Equipment

The library has special kits and equipment that can be borrowed for home use! These items have special rules on how to care for them. If you plan on borrowing one of these items please read the information below.


The La Vista Public Library has a beginner telescope kit for use for library card holders. The full policy on this equipment can be read here: Library Telescope Policy (Reviewed March 2023)

To borrow the Telescope customers must...

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a library card active for at least 3 months before.
  • Be in good standing (no outstanding fees).
  • Abide by all safety guidelines as described. DO NOT look at the sun with the telescope.
  • Follow safe traveling practices when moving the telescope. A librarian will show you how to carry the telescope and strap it into your vehicle.
  • Make sure all parts, books, and accessories are in the telescope kit when you return it.
  • Agree to reimburse the library if the telescope is broken from misuse.
  • Promise to tell a librarian if the telescope is experiencing problems. We want to get it fixed or readjusted as soon as possible if the telescope isn't working properly.
  • The telescope kit is borrowed for 2 weeks at a time. 

Cake Pans

The library has a cake pan collection thanks to the work of local Girl Scout Millie Belik! The collection was put together as part of her Gold Award. Thank you Millie for partnering with the library for this awesome community resource!

  • Cake pans can be checked out from the library for 2 weeks at a time. 
  • Please clean the pans before returning them.  
  • The pans must be returned to the library at the front desk. (They will not fit in the book drop).  
  • Late fees for cake pans are 10¢ a day. An additional $5 may be charged if the pan is not returned or cleaned properly.

You can check out some of Millie's favorite cake recipes on her blog! Millie's Cake Recipe Blog