2023 Street Rehabilitation and Resurfacing

Resurfacing project map

The City of La Vista has a significant street rehabilitation and resurfacing project planned in 2023. 

This project is scheduled to begin on approximately Monday, May 8, and will repair and rehabilitate streets shown on the map included above. The actual start date is subject change depending on weather. 

The streets on the map that are green indicate a complete rehabilitation. The type of work at each location will vary and may include a single activity or a combination of concrete pavement repair, curb repair, replacement of curb inlet tops, sidewalk curb ramps, asphalt resurfacing and/or street reconstruction.

The streets in red on the map will receive concrete panel repairs followed by a UBAS treatment, similar to what the Giles Corner neighborhood received in 2022. 

During the paving portions of this project, a street will be completely closed but closures will only last for a single day. The contractor will work with residents to allow local access during paving as much as possible, but residents should anticipate not being able to get to their driveway for a few hours. The contractor will knock on doors prior to removing concrete panels in front of driveways to make sure they do not block anyone in, and where possible half of a driveway will be left open at all times to allow access. 

The City of La Vista will be hosting a public information open house meeting on April 11 at 6 p.m. in the Harold “Andy” Anderson Council Chambers at City Hall, 8116 Park View Blvd.

Public Works staff, the contractor, and the project design and construction consultant will be present to answer questions and share details with residents and businesses in the project area. This will include the type of construction being performed, anticipated schedule, project team contact information, expected impacts to vehicle travel, and general information on what to expect during the construction process.

Have a question and/or you can't attend the public open house? Call the City of La Vista Public Works Department, 402.331.8927.

For questions and concerns during the project, please contact Jeremy Zach at Spencer Management, 402.658.4183.