Course Descriptions

Pre-BeginnersThis class is for children (at least four years old) who are ready to explore the water by themselves. This class also uses a wide variety of games, songs, toys to help your child become more comfortable with the water.
Level ITeaches your child to fully submerge their face in the water; Bouncing up and down in water; Supported Float on tummy; Supported Float on back; Bubble blowing; Water entry and exit; Movements through the water; Supported kicking of front Supported kicking on back; Intro to the Crawl or Front Stroke Arm Movement; Basic Water Safety rules; Retrieving objects from the bottom of the 3-foot depth
Level IITeaches your child to Hold breath and fully submerge face in the water; Retrieve objects from 3 ft. Orientation to the deep end; Orientation to the diving board; Prone or Front Float, unsupported; Supine or back float, unsupported; Leveling off; Rhythmic breathing; Flutter Kick on the tummy and on the back; Finning of back; Back Crawl arm motion; Combined Crawl or Front Stroke; Combined Backstroke; Turns, front to back, back to front.
Level IIIRetrieve an object from the deep end; Bobs in the deep end, submerging head in deep water; Bobbing to safety; Jumping from the side of the pool in the deep end; Diving; Prone Glide with push-off; Back Glide with push-off; Total coordination of Front and Back crawl; Elementary Backstroke; Reversing directions while swimming; Treading water.
Level IVDeepwater bobbing (jumping movement in the deep end); Rotary breathing (switching sides to breathe on every stroke); Diving; Elementary Backstroke; Sculling on the back; Front Crawl; Back Crawl; Breaststroke; Sidestroke; Turns using a wall; Tread water using different types of kicks.
Level VAlternating breathing or Rotary breathing; Stride jump entry; Long shallow dive; Breastroke; Sidestroke; Swimming under the water; Elementary Backstroke; Butterfly; Front Crawl; Back Crawl; Open turns on the front and back; Feet-first surface dive.
Level VIApproach and hurdle from the side of the pool; Jump tuck from the side of the pool; Front Crawl; Back Crawl; Breastroke; Sidestroke; Butterfly; Approach stroke (approaching a drowning victim); Breastroke turn; Sidestroke turn; Speed turns; Flip turns; Pike and Tuck surface dives; Throwing rescue; Treading water with no hands & hands above the head; Trudgen and Trudgen Crawl; Survival Float on front and back.