Rental Inspection Program

Rental Inspection Program

The City of La Vista has established a Rental Inspection Program. The intent of the program is to promote the health, safety, and welfare of those living in or near rental housing, prevent or eliminate substandard or deteriorating rental housing, and preserve residential rental properties, property values, and neighborhoods.

Dues & Deadlines

The program became effective on January 1, 2010, and landlords have until March 1st of every year to register their existing properties with the City. The cost to register a single family dwelling is $50.00 and the cost to register multi-family dwellings is $6.00 per unit. A late fee will be assessed if the application is not received by March 1st.


A registration application (PDF), appropriate fee, and proof of a pest control inspection are to be returned to the City. The property owner will be contacted by the City to set up an appointment for inspection of the property. There is not a fee for an inspection, except in cases where violations are noted during an inspection and have not been corrected at the time of a re-inspection. In those instances, a $50.00 re-inspection fee may be assessed.

Frequency of Inspections

A Rental Inspection Property Checklist (PDF) can assist you in reviewing your rental unit(s) for compliance. Inspectors will be focusing on major health and life safety violations. If the property has minor or no code violations, you will not be subject to inspection again for two years. If the property has major code violations but successfully passes a follow-up inspection, the property will not be subject to inspection again for one year. Newly constructed rental property will not be subject to inspection for three years. However, if violations are reported or observed, additional inspections may be required. Please note that even though an inspection may not be required for a period of time, properties must be registered with the City on an annual basis.

Purpose of Program

Again, the intent of this program is to prevent substandard housing and preserve property values and neighborhoods by ensuring the property is maintained in compliance with La Vista City Codes. See Ordinance No. 1095 (PDF).

Please contact Jeff Sinnett, in the Community Development Department, at  402-593-6400, if you have any questions.