What is the administration allowance?

As reimbursement for any additional administrative costs and expenses connected with the tax, at the time of monthly payment, a business may elect to withhold 2% of the amount that is otherwise due and payable to the City.

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1. How is the GBOT calculated?
2. Does the GBOT apply to restaurants and drinking places within Enhanced Employment Area 1 (EEA 1)?
3. What is the tax rate?
4. How often is the tax due?
5. What is the administration allowance?
6. How is the tax to be remitted to the City?
7. My business’s gross receipts for retail sales and/or entertainment sales was $0 for this month, do I still have to complete a remittance form?
8. Can I pay the GBOT online?
9. Where can I find additional remittance forms?
10. Who can I contact if I still have questions?