Hawkers and Peddlers Licensing

To prevent the sale of fraudulent, dangerous, and unhealthful goods and services, and to protect the public by maintaining records of the products and services sold, and the persons and companies responsible for such sales, all hawkers and peddlers must submit an application and be issued a permit before doing business within the City of La Vista.

Peddlers with any fixed site location shall be limited to six (6) sale days per calendar year unless otherwise provided. Any person or persons granted a peddler and hawker permit shall be subject to any fees, occupations taxes, and other rules and regulations deemed appropriate by the City of La Vista. To apply for a Hawker and Peddler License, an Application for Solicitors, Venders, and/or Handbill Distributors (PDF) must be completed. The application, a photocopy of a Driver’s License or State Identification Card for each applicant must be brought in to City Hall.

The business must also complete an Occupation License application (PDF) and pay all applicable fees. Vendor ID cards, with valid operating dates, along with a permit will be issued once all paperwork has been completed.